I really should start blogging again more but twitter is my current obsession

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Posted In , Edit This 1 Comment »

I seriously spend way too much time tweeting. I know I used to devote my time to this blog and I really do miss it. Honest, I do. But I have to admit that I'm currently obsessed quite thoroughly with Twitter.

Posting 140 characters or less suits me just perfectly. Why say in 20 words what you can say in 2? That's always been my motto. And it is a motto just made for twitter, if you ask me.

However, I find that I've wasted far too much time and energy on tweeting. Take today for example, I spent the entire afternoon twebating with a rightwing nut compassionate (his label) conservative that believes Michael Vick's prison sentence was too harsh. He believes that Vick should not have been jailed. At all.

I couldn't help myself. When someone tells me that animal abuse has no correlation on domestic abuse or murder statistics, I tend to get a little preachy. Because that's bullshit. Then the guy had the nerve to bring up abortion. I kept waiting for Hitler's name to get thrown into the argument so I could scream "Godwin's Law - I win!" but alas, it never happened. Either way, the guy was a whackjob. Here's to hoping he never wins a political seat.


Stephanie said...

Uh oh. I am kind of the same way about Facebook. I neglect all my other stuff for it, and I miss blogging, too. Trying to make myself get back to it. And yea Vick deserved all he got and more. sigh. people.