The Post Where I'm a little disappointed I cannot say I nearly died of food poisoning because I'd had it all written out in my head. Obit and all.

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We've yet another person from our office retiring very soon. Soon as in like a week. Therefore, it is the expectation of everyone else in the office to pitch in way too much money and haul our sorry asses to some strange town to eat at some strange place in celebration of said coworker's retirement. It is a ritual we've endured time and time again and at least we typically get to enjoy a high-priced meal out of the torturous journey.

Last night's retirement party was held at a restaurant in a small down named Poulan. Poulan is famous for its yearly Possum Poke celebration. Whatever the hell that is. Cuz, really, I don't know.

Situated right across the street from the Welcome to Poulan: Home of the Possum Poke sign was the restaurant in which we were to meet, eat, and send our coworker off into retirement bliss.

The name of the restaurant, and I shityounot, was Ed's Truck Stop. Honestly. We held this retirement party at Ed's Truck Stop. But if you didn't know where Ed's Truck Stop was located, you'd drive right past it. Like us and 50 others did before realizing that Ed's Truck Stop was actually labeled Ed's Nascar on the dilapidated metal building. The only indicator that the hellhole was now a restaurant was the wooden sign precariously perched upon the roof that declared "Restaurant".

It was my intention to get pictures, but I have to admit that I was so mortified that I forgot. Completely.

I have to concede to two things about the evening, though:
1. The food was awesome. I had fried chicken, fries, and homemade mac & cheese. If I nearly died of anything it was starch & fat overload, because it definitely wasn't from the expected food poisoning that I didn't get. Seriously. Great food.

2. The food was cheap. For three of us our bill was $16.80, which included a 20% tip.

Moral of the story: If you want surprisingly good, cheap food... head to Ed's.


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love the title

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too funny!!!

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The best food us usually found in the most frightening of places!

Stephanie said...

That is stinkin' hilarious. Glad it was good food.