The hard truth about Southerners and segregation

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Edit This 2 Comments »

Today marks the first day of Autumn, even though it is nearly 95 degrees outside. However, to me, what marks the season is the realization that in my southern community we are once again well and truly segregated.

This fact is often forgotten during the blazing summer months while school is out and students are enjoying their temporary freedom but, even before Labor Day, once school renews itself and the students trudge through the hallways of their respective schools, it gradually becomes clear once more: your colors determine your worth down here.

Yes, it is true. I confess, we southerners love segregation. We herald it. We celebrate it and we fairly well demand it. This segregation is no more blaringly obvious to me than when I eat at one of my favorite local fast food eateries. The place is locally owned so they get away with a lot more than the typical chain restaurant would, even the entrances are clearly marked and segregated.

Pick your side:

Are you blue and gold or are you red and gold? Only then may you enter!

Yeah, it really should be of no surprise, down here, your choice of football teams defines you. You are expected to stand up for them. You are expected to support them. And you are expected to tolerate the segregation required all for the sake of a good cause: The love of your team!

So no matter what colors you may prefer, now’s the time of year to enjoy the spirit of the sport and raise a little hell at your opponent’s expense.


April said...

LOL...that kind of segregation is everywhere...though I know I have never seen separate entrances for a restaurant based on your footbal preferences. Here in Michigan you are either blue and maize or green and white... and there is hell to pay if you are red and white cause that isn't even a Michigan school. ;)

Lisa said...

Ain't THAT the truth!