The Truth is Out

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Last night, my DH and I went to Pockets in Tallahassee at the invitation of @LesleeHorner to meet her and listen to her husband's band, Spatial K. We arrived at 9:30 and took a seat as we noticed that the band was already playing. The next thing I noticed was that they were really good. Which, I have to admit, was a fucking relief. How do you tell someone you are meeting that her husband's band sucks? Well, okay, I know the answer to that: You don't. But the GREAT thing was, I didn't have to. They were awesome. One of the best cover bands I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. And I've seen a lot of cover bands in my time. Yeah, yeah, okay, it was a long time ago, but whatever. They were good. Trust me. And go check them out.

A bit after 10pm, Leslee and her friend arrived. DH spotted her before I did. It was very nice to finally meet someone I met via twitter and have been tweeting with for months. I'm also very happy to announce that she (and her great friend) were very cool and it made for a quite enjoyable evening. Meeting up in a bar with a band playing really doesn't lend to fluid conversation, but that didn't matter. I still had a blast. And the bar even served Yuengling, which you, my dear reader, already know is enough to make me a very happy woman.

The one terrible thing about meeting an internet friend in real life is that I am stone cold aware of the fact that I am definitely not as cool in real life as I seem to come across online. Okay, I don't even think I'm that cool online, but at least here I can self-edit. In real life I am missing that feature. Totally. So, the realization is that I know I am totally disappointing the person I am meeting. I'm so uncool it is painful. I often feel socially inept. So, I am sorry, dear Leslee, but I know that my secret is out. I hope you had fun anyways, though! I know I did.

I have to confess though, not only am i totally uncool, I'm also old. We finally got home well after 3am and I have to be honest, the last time I saw 3am it was only for a bleary eyed breastfeeding session with a hungry infant. I'd completely forgotten what 3am feels like. And likewise, I'd forgotten what the morning after a 3am felt like. And let me tell you, in case you've forgotten, too: It fucking sucks.

However, it was a small price to pay for such a fun evening. It made me miss my club-hopping days, that's for certain. And the resilience of my youth that allowed for those days!

Ahhh to be young again...


lesleehorner said...

I had a great time and you are definitely as cool as you are online! I also loved meeting your hubby! Can't wait to do it again, although definitely at an earlier hour.

Opinionated Gifts said...

I'm willing to bet Leslee still thinks you are cool.

I think its really cool when online friends meet up Real Time. And when it meshes....awesome.

Heidi said...

I would LOVE a self-edit button for real life. I can't think of anything on the spur of the moment!

Lisa said...

Well, you ARE old, but DEFINITELY cool!

Shannon said...

I wouldn't doubt your coolness for a second, you crack me up!! Don't worry, I'm old too, who knows the last time I saw the clock turn from PM to AM.