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I know I've blogged about it ad nauseum, but my headaches and migraines have returned to me full force lately. I don't know why. Maybe it is the cooler weather. Maybe it is all the rain we've had this season. Maybe I'm just put together cheap and I'm falling apart. Whatever the reason, it well and truly sucks.

I just feel so blah and useless lately. With the headaches I don't sleep well and when I am awake I just don't want to do a damned thing. It's like this depressive black cloud is hovering over me. I hate it.

During my pregnancy with the wutz I didn't have headaches at all. Nor did I have them for the nearly two years I was breastfeeding. After that they were few and far between. Until the past few months. Now they have returned to what they were before I was pregnant. It has been long enough that I actually started to love live without them. *sigh*

So once more I am on a quest to wade through prescription after prescription to find the right cocktail that will make them tolerable.

Wish me luck.


Opinionated Gifts said...

That really sucks. I hope you find the right combination and at the very least I hope somehow they headaches back the fuck off.

Lisa said...


I hope that you can find the right combination!

Laura said...

Apparently you ought to be pregnant or nursing all the time. ;)

Sorry you are going through this. (hugs)

Robin said...

1) I liked your stuff as a writer and when I say that I mean your style because I didn't dig into your archives. I only read what was on your main page. Good vibe. And I definitely would love for you to check out my stuff because I have been browsing through all of these blogs and most of them are these saccharine coated pills that are just terrible and yours isn't. It's very refreshing actually. So please stop in anytime. Oh, it is horribly plain because I have no idea how to fix it up. That said..

2)Migraines... let's talk about the migraines but not here. I am going to check the email box with my email address. I have migraines, too, and they are hormonal. Given what you said in your blog, yours sound hormonal, too. A lot of doctors don't want to hear that and dont' want to treat that... maybe I can help point you in a better direction.