A Day: Reluctantly Revisited

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Alright, in the light of a new day I feel that I can finally write a bit about my day yesterday. I still find little humor in it, however. But maybe you will.

The day started out like any other. Coffee was made. Teeth were brushed. Kid was dressed. But the kid was also sniffly. By the time we finally pried him off the sofa and into the car, he was very whiny. I did manage to get him into class and out of the goodness of my heart, I warned her that he was not feeling 100% and there may be issues that day because of it.

I arrived to work late, but that's not a rarity. It's cool. Really. Then later in the morning just as I'd downed my second cup of coffee, the phone rang. It was DH calling to inform me that I had to go pick up the wutz. Immediately. "Oh shit!" I thought. He must be really sick. I was quickly informed that no, that wasn't the reason. Apparently the teacher had called him to tell him that the wutz had severely bitten another student and therefore he could not stay in school.

Yep. My little angel was tossed out of school on his ass. At age three.

I'm was so proud.

*exhales* So I threw all of my stuff in my bag and flew out of the office. I'm pretty sure I told them why I was leaving, but if I hadn't I'm certain they'd have known since steam was coming out of my ears. I arrived at school to find a screaming/crying wutz who was demanding to go outside and play. I talked to the teacher and she informed me that he did not break the other child's skin when he bit.

Well hell.

It's not severe unless there is blood and stitches required, if you ask me.

I informed her that I'd take him home and we'd keep him home on Wednesday and try again on Thursday at school to see if he could be better behaved. I hope to God he will be or Momma's gonna go postal on a three year old. I thought it was the twos that were supposed to be terrible?


d e v a n said...

oh no! Sorry about that...

I think 3 is WAY worse than 2. Two's are just warming up for turning 3, if you ask me...

Laura said...

Oh no...not the twos. The threes are by far worse. Give me a two year old any old day of the week (I kind of giggle at Liam's two year old antics, because I lived through Xander's 3 year old stuff). And four is less antics, more attitude. You'd swear you suddenly have a teenager in your house. My doctor calls the fours "the F you fours". No lie.

I am not laughing. I would not be amused either. And I also don't think it is extreme biting unless there is skin broken, blood and stitches.


Ray said...

Oh Tara! I'm so sorry! I hope he doesn't repeat that. And I've heard from more than one person that the threes are much worse than the twos. And our doctor refers to the fours as the "F-YOU fours"... Yep, that's where the attitude can really kick in.

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! Although I agree with you that it's not severed unless the skin is broken. I hope tomorrow is better!

Opinionated Gifts said...

Yeah, no blood? No marks? Answer: NOT SEVERE

Overact at school much?

So sorry you had to deal with that. FML indeed.