We took a look, we bought a Nook...

Friday, January 15, 2010 Posted In , Edit This 3 Comments »

One of my Christmas presents this year was a pre-ordered Nook from Barnes & Noble. It arrived via my wonderful UPS dude yesterday afternoon. I pried open the packaging eagerly to reveal what looked like a massive clear plastic iPod case. Gorgeous.

Then I opened it, pulled it out, and plugged it in. Patience. These things have to charge, you know.

So finally today, the sucker was all charged up and I was at work - a location that actually gets great cell service for downloads - and I turned that sucker on and registered it. Simple and quick. Nice.

I downloaded my first book. It cost me a whopping $3.99.

I had a doctor's appointment today so I tossed the Nook into my purse and carried it with me. In the waiting room, I finally turned it on and turned the 'page' to read my new Nook book.

Let me tell you. I think I had a technorgasm.

I love it. It is so easy to read from. No eye strain. No heavy book to carry around. No pages to dog ear. Mmmm... I'm in love.


Darkwulfe said...

Did you use a technocondom? Dont want to catch anything until you get to know it better! lol

Opinionated Gifts said...

We live in a golden age. Just be sure to get your shots if you're going to have unprotected reading.

The Workman Family said...

I know the feeling! I have a Kindle and looooove it. So easy. So portable.