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I'm tired. I completely forgot about this blog today and I just haven't had anything to write about lately. Okay, I have stuff to write about, just nothing I want to sit down and think about long enough to put into coherent sentences that you could make heads or tails of. I really promised myself I'd do better with this whole blogging thing, but I'm still sort of burnt out on it.

I will press on, however. I just wanted to admit my feelings about this blog right now, so maybe I can move forward and contribute something that's worth freaking reading, because lately I just haven't been about to cough anything up and spit it out on the screen.

I'll keep trying, though. (I'm sorry for that.)



Lisa said...

I have tremendous dry spells like that and them posts just start writing themselves in my head.

Ray said...

I personally think blogs are supposed to be good for the soul, not yet another obligation or burden in our already busy lives. You post with such humour and intelligence that I always look forward to it, but I definitely want you to enjoy writing it as much as I enjoy reading it. Take your time! And of course take care of yourself. :)