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Yesterday just sucked.

The morning and afternoon was wonderful. I really enjoy spending my Mondays with the wutz. He was a joy and he even blessed me with a three hour nap. But apparently, while I was having a grand ole day, DH’s day sucked. And to make matters worse for him, on the way home, he got a speeding ticket in our tiny little town. 48 in a 35. Joy. I can’t wait to find out what that’s going to cost us.

However, my great day came to an abrupt halt that evening. I got dressed in my workout clothes, I downloaded some new tunes to my iPod and I was ready to run after taking a week and a half off due to a neck injury. Before I left for the track, I decided to toss the horses a flake of hay. As I stepped out of the barn at the same instant my Golden Retriever, Chase, tossed his throw-toy under my foot. My ankle twisted severely and I reached out to grab whatever I could to stop my inevitable fall. It was too late. I toppled like a ton of bricks.

Fire radiated up from my ankle. I writhed on the ground like Nancy Kerrigan at the ‘94 Olympics.

Finally able to pick myself up, I hobbled to the house, clutching my hand that I’d suddenly realized was also hurt. I made it to the sink to wash my hand, but as I began doing that my world started to go black. I shut off the water and headed for the sofa. Apparently I didn’t make it, though. I woke up on the floor, staring at the ceiling. Damn.

That’s how my body deals with pain, I guess. It was sweet, black bliss for awhile. But the pain renewed as I got my ass up off the floor and manuevered to the couch, making a pitstop only for the bottle of Vicodin. Ahhhh… better living through chemistry.

Fast forward to today, I am sore, my hand still hurts like a mother. In my infinite wisdom, I figured I should get a tetanus shot, too. The thought terrified me, but I’m a mother now and I have to be all responsible and stuff. Right? The shot didn’t hurt like I remembered it did when I was 10, which was the last time I received the vaccine. However, I’d forgotten that the tetanus vaccine is a stealth bastard. Five minutes later, driving back to work, my arm began to feel like Mike Tyson sucker punched it. Grrreat.

I swear, I’m a walking disaster zone. I’d ask what’s next, but I don’t even wanna know.