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Yesterday, after all that I suffered through, I also had a consultation for Lasik surgery. The end result was that I am not a good candidate for the procedure. Instead, I qualify for PRK Laser surgery. Apparently, the same laser is used, but the procedure is different. The recovery time is longer, the pain is moderate to severe *gasp!* and it takes longer to achieve the final results. If you are following along, I bet you agree with me: It doesn’t sound too peachy. Nevertheless, I have the surgery scheduled for July 11th. Unless I chicken the hell out. And I may yet.

I plan to use Dr. Google to research it more, so I’m sure I’ll report back with my findings. So far, they have been pretty split down the middle with the pain issues, but none regret having it. However, I did find obligatory horror story. That wasn’t terribly refreshing to read. *sigh*