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…it’s what’s for dinner.

Actually, I don’t know what’s for dinner. I procrastinated, yet again, and never pulled any meat out of the freezer. Naturally, that narrows choices down to delectable fare such as hot dogs, velveeta mac-n-cheese, or PB&J. Decisions, decisions!

Procrastinating is what I do. Just like in my first blog post, if anyone took a moment to read that boring drivel, you know that I promised a Project 365 photo blog. Yet, have I posted any pictures? Nah. I did take some, but they are still nestled snugly inside the memory card in my new camera.

I’d make some believable comment about doing a literary Project 365 instead, but I think I’d rather not set myself up for failure. Because, really, that’s what my procrastination is all about.

If I don’t start something, I can’t fail at it.

Alas, I’ve started this blogging, so let’s hope it doesn’t completely tank!