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While I grew up loving Garfield, the one thing that he and I totally disagree with is Mondays. He hates them. I love them.

Seriously. I love Mondays. Each and every Monday.

Normal people look forward to Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. But I love my Mondays.

You see, I only work four days a week: Tuesday through Friday. In the BC (Before Child) era of my life, Monday was my day home all alone. A day of peace and quiet. It was a day of relaxation. It was a day of pure bliss.

Now, after child, my Monday has a slightly different focus. It is the day where the wutz and I are home alone, together. It is our time to share and play and just have fun. I cherish the bonding moments that these not-as-peaceful Mondays provide.

Today was all about rolling on the floor, chasing after a crumb snatcher, and pushing tractors all over the house. Years ago, it would have been the last thing I’d have imagined doing on a Monday.

But you know what? It, too, was bliss.