Random Rants

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

1. Today my mother committed a cardinal sin. She allowed the wutz to fall asleep in the car! There are no words to effectively convey what a massive and complete no-no this is. My child, my dear sweet child, is a marathon napper. I mean, I am the envy of mothers worldwide. However, naps are instantly negated if he closes his eyes in the car. I mean, even if he has a delayed blink, forget it, naps are out! So, imagine my dismay as I circle around to the backseat of the vehicle to find him slumped over with ZZZZzzz’s floating over his drooped noggin. Urgh.

2. Cats are gross. I’ve heard people talk about dogs and dog slobber, and cleaning up after them, but nothing compares to a cat. Just like they turn tail and walk away from you, they are quite capable of doing the same to each and every mess they make. If I have to clean up one more pile of cat yak, I am going to snap. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the litter boxes. For some reason, one of my regal felines chooses NOT to use the box. Instead she goes approximately two inches from it. What in the hell is that about? And cleaning the litter boxes? *gags* To make matters worse, DH won’t can’t do it, because he’s still suffering from the hernia surgery he had in October!

3. I hate plastic containers. You know the GladWare stuff. I loathe them. I despise the fact that every time I open a kitchen cabinet, I get ambushed by 6,789 blue plastic lids. Then when I want to use them, I either cannot find the appropriate container or lid. The never ever match up. Ever.

4. Vacuum cleaner belts. Why in heaven’s name do they always break when I am 3/4 the way through vacuuming my house????

But, one little gold nugget for the day: Kudos to Kucinich. ‘Nuff said.