PRK Recovery: Day 4

Monday, July 14, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

I woke up this morning with delightfully clear vision! Which lasted all of five minutes. Then it was back to the hazy, blurry view that I’ve been enjoying for the past pair of days. The good news is that the double vision seems to be gone. Thank goodness for minor blessings.

I had a checkup appointment this afternoon. He said something (don’t ask, I dunno) was 90% healed. He sounded pleased, so I am pleased. I go back late tomorrow afternoon to have the bandage contacts removed. I hope that will make my eyes feel better, but I’ve read it will make them seem tender all over again for a little while. We’ll see!

The doctor was surprised that I didn’t feel any pain during the recovery. I didn’t. It was a little uncomfortable, but there was never any true pain. I’m grateful for that, too! Lucky me!

More to come tomorrow…

Exciting, I know.