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I know I cannot possibly be the only one noticing the rampant shrinking of everything I purchase these days. I know that money is tight, but not only are companies increasing their prices for every freaking thing, they are shrinking their products!

I buy dogfood in 50lb bags. I used to pay $16 for a bag. Now I pay closer to $20.00 for a bag that now weighs 44lbs! That's cuh-razy. Especially since I go through so damned much of it. Well, my dogs do. I'm not eating the stuff!

Also, food packaging is getting smaller. Even cheese! Even my usually-oblivious DH noticed that the individually wrapped cheese slices are mysteriously thinner. It is nearly impossible now to peel them from the wrapping without it splintering off into these tiny messy pieces. What the hell?

The one thing, however, that I have noticed that is not shrinking is my grocery bill! It has increased by about one third. I used to love grocery shopping. It was my peaceful escape, now I nearly have heart palpitations each time a purchased item *beeeeeps* across the scanner. I can barely handle looking at the total bill. I swear that last line on the receipt should say: Your Total Savings: HAHAHA!


Lisa said...

I'm with you on all accounts there. Cereal...the boxes look like they're the same size but if you look at them from the side, they've gotten MUCH thinner!

Gwen said...

I so know what you mean. I went shopping last night and was thoroughly depressed by the end of the trip - I barely got what I needed but I had to stay within our budget. :(