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It has been one of those days.

DH woke me up 45 minutes earlier than necessary because he forgot about my change in child care plans. This was after getting less than 5 hours sleep. Oh what I wouldn't give for a solid 8 hours of sleep. Sleep has become such a precious commodity!

I went ahead and hauled my ass out of bed, because once I'm awake, I'm up. I let the wutz sleep longer than normal while I snuck outside to feed our 9 dogs. It is a chore that I prefer to do first thing in the morning while it is still cool outside. For some reason they refuse to eat if it is hot and the food goes to waste. I go thorugh a 50lb bag of food every 5 days, so I try to conserve as much as possible with these guys!

Once I got back around to feed the dogs that are kept in the laundry room, I heard the wutz wailing something fierce. I dropped the bucket and ran through the house, leaving tracks of nasty mud on my light tan carpet. I flung the door open, only to realize that he was perfectly fine, he just thought his Daddy was in the bathroom because the light was still on. Once I told him Daddy was at work he was perfectly fine. But I still hate toddler hysterics first thing in the morning. I need at least one cup of coffee first, please!

Everything else went smoothly until I headed to work. On the way there my phone ran. It was my mother. She never calls that early unless something is wrong. I was right. She said that on the front page of today's paper was an article I she needed to tell me about before I saw it. A very close friend of mine from Junior High and High School was killed yesterday in a car wreck.

I cried all the rest of the way to work. And at work. Not a sobbing cry, but a mournful one nonetheless. Though we drifted apart from one another and our friendship naturally waned, I always loved him.

He took me to my first dance in seventh grade. We rode horses together. We teased one another mercilessly about who we were dating. We hung out together. I sat on the sidelines and watched him play football on Friday nights and we did quite a number of things at the field on other nights. He was such a huge part of my past, even though we haven't spoken in quite some time, I feel this loss deeply.

So, needless to say, my heart was heavy once again. I felt so tired and worn down all day. I finally made it home and got the wutz down to nap. I did a few chores, and thought I'd take a nap myself to, hopefully, improve upon my day. I figured I had at least another hour and a half before the wutz woke up. I set up the monitor so I could hear the wutz, and I curled up in bed. I grabbed a pillow, yanked up the covers and nestled in. Then, through the monitor, I hear "MOOOOOOOOMMMMMAAAA!" Oh no, heavens no! But yes, the wutz woke up after the briefest nap in the history of the world.

I'm just so done today. So so done.

(Sidenote: My friend leaves behind a wife and four kids. Please pray for them.)