First Day of School!

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Today was the wutz's first day of school! It was a challenge getting him up early and getting him fed. He hates eating breakfast first thing in the morning, so I had to shovel the oatmeal into his pie hole while he watched 64 Zoo Lane. Then we got him dressed, and as you can see, he was ready to go!

He was fussy on the way to school, but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot he was excited and ready to go see the babies I'd promised would be there! (He calls all children babies right now.) He marched right into the early drop-off classroom and pushed past me. He did a large circle to survey the room, then he held his hands out, palms up and tilted his head and asked, "Babies?" I promised him that they would all be arriving soon, and that placated him enough. He squatted down and began playing with the toys and I was instantly forgotten. He didn't even notice when I left.

I left work early to pick him up. When I arrived he was sitting quietly against the wall waiting in the pickup line. I was so proud of my big boy! Until the teacher told me that they'd had a little issue with him hitting and grabbing. My son, the two year old juvenile delinquent, apparently did not want to share. This resulted in him hitting and grabbing whatever it was he wanted. Why am I not surprised??? I told the teacher that he is a very physical child and we'd been dealing with it using Time-Outs at home. She told me that was what they did as well until he calmed down. She assured me he would learn to adjust and share. I certainly hope so. I'd hate for him to be expelled at two years old!

Unfortunately, he really has not had any children to play with or learn from, so this is all new to him. I know it will take time for him to figure it out, but I pray it doesn't take too much time. My heart can't take it.

All in all, I think he had a good first day. Let's just hope the little juvie can keep his hands to himself from now on!

In his bookbag were a few things he did today:


Lisa said...

YEAH Wutz!! He is TOO his cheeks for me!