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I recently blogged about my dog, Catpish that was killed last week. Well, an hour ago I opened the back door to let the dogs in the house and one of my little terriers, Kismet, was lying dead on the porch. It looked like she fell asleep and passed away as she slept. I hope so, at least.

She was a tiny little dog, weighing in at under 8 lbs. But thanks to some nasty breeding she had serious problems with her teeth. She really had a hard time and I knew I was going to have to make the decision to put her down. Tonight she made it so I didn't have to.

Kismet was a sweet sweet dog. I got her from the humane society, when a friend there told me they'd gotten in two 'miniature dalmatians' that needed homes. I brought both home. I think Kismet was the mother and her puppy was named Karma. Unfortunately, Karma disappeared several years ago. But Kismet remained a darling dog with the best disposition, but she did suffer so much from the ulcers in her mouth and the bad teeth. I know she's all healed now, though.