So it begins...

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The wutz has been in school for one week. Already we've ordered T-shirts with the school logo on them, purchased the various required supplies, and prepared for Sharing Day and upcoming picture day. And today we participated in his very first birthday party for a classmate. It seems like it has all happened so fast. I've been sucked down into that blackhole of responsible and semi-required parenting of a school aged child.

I have a couple of friends that have children that are the wutz's age. But we are always traveling in different directions and no effort for a playdate, or whatever it is called, is ever made.

However, today during the pool party, I met several new parents that seemed quite nice. I'm definitely no social butterfly but, naturally, talk of get-togethers and playdates were mentioned. I had to secretly wonder if any of it would actually pan out. Probably not.

It was nice to chat with the parents of kids in the wutz's class, though. I hope since they've seen we are normal parents, too, that they won't get extremely angry if my child continues to whack on their children's heads during playtime.

All in all, the pool party was great fun. The wutz is still unsure of water, but he loved the fountain play area. He kept insisting that I join in with him, though. So, I undoubtably looked like a drowned rat by the time the party was over. Oh well. It was fun!

Artwork the wutz did Thursday (8-14-08) at school:


Jackie said...

How fun! Noah starts Tuesday... I'm more excited than he is!

Lisa said...

Look out...Tara's going to be heading up a playgroup soon! YEAH Wutz on beautiful artwork!