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We've been suffering a gas shortage this past week. Gas stations have all their pump handles covered in plastic bags. It was really frightening when I set out in search of fuel yesterday for my gas hog! I panicked as I drove from station to station, only to find each and every one completely out of fuel.

Then finally, I remembered an obscure section of town with a little tucked away gas station. I drove over there and they had gas! The only thing they had left was Premium, so I paid through the nose for it, but at least I was able to fill my tank.

Between DH and me, we use approximately $850 per month in fuel costs alone. We are absolutely dependent upon it to travel the distance between home and work. It is one of the large prices we pay to live in the middle of nowhere. I don't regret it, but there are times, like yesterday, when it makes me a little sick to my stomach!

I wish we, as Americans, were not so dependent upon fuel. I look forward to alternative energy sources. I hope the powers-that-be get with the program very very soon. We need it.


Heather said...

ugh I agree. I am ready for other ways...this is rediculous!

There is no telling how much we spend on gas/mo. w/Joe's job and Avon deliveries!!! I don't wanna know lol...