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As I briefly mentioned in a previous post, Her Majesty in the Sea, I am not much of a girly-girl. I'm not fond of shoes or shopping. It is the ultimate cruel and unusual punishment in my book.

That being said, Friday is the infamous Black Friday, as I'm certain you all know. I have to work that day until noon, but I do need to get my shopping started. Therefore, I've been raking over the sales pages on the internet trying to find the stuff that matches my astoundingly long Christmas list.

The plan is to hit some of the sales Friday morning. Before work. Pure hell, I know, but that's the plan.

Wish me luck.


Jackie said...

Woohoo! Go Tara!

I'm starting at midnight Thursday night!

Michelle P. said...

I know you can do it Tara! LOL- I LOVE to shop! Too bad I can't be your personal shopper :)

Lisa said...


You GO Momma!

Gwen said...

Good luck! Should be fun!!

Amanda said...

YAY!!! I love Black Friday- as you can tell. I wish I could help you out too!!! Take advantage of the free shipping and online door busters they'll have going on that day- I just found out I might not even need to step foot in Kohl's- which was going to be my first store of the day.

Make a plan!!! You can do it and it WILL be worth it :)