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This morning when we woke up, we discovered that our Dish DVR had bit the big one. It was making a weird clicking sound that made me believe the harddrive was DOA. I called Dish. At six in the freaking morning. After waiting on hold for twenty minutes, the gentleman in tech support confirmed my fear: a dead dead deadsky harddrive.

The solution? A new DVR will be shipped to me on the twelfth. Great. Except that means I'm stuck watching *gasp!* commercials until then. Not only that, every show that I had saved on the DVR is a goner. Most notably Gleaming the Cube, which is near impossible to find.

Additionally, all of the wutz's Christmas cartoons are gone. He has been watching Tom & Jerry's Nutcracker for days on end. And Mickey Mouse's Once Upon a Christmas. In an effort to save my own sanity, I spent my lunch hour in Wal-Mart Hell purchasing $50 worth of Christmas DVDs to keep the little elf happy. A small price to pay.

Now I am off to get ready to watch Private Practice. Commercials included.



Jackie said...

AAAAHHH! I will die the day my tivo does this! =(

Lisa said...

Oh no!

Makes me glad we don't have one!

LOVED Gleaming the Cube!!!!

Heather said...

OMG I would have died. I hate hate hate commercials lol. LOVE dvr's. We have tons of crap on our dvr.Lots of stuff that aiden likes too, like Baby Looneytunes and Little Bill. OHHHH I am glad we have two dvr's lol.

Amanda said...

Commercials SUCK.

And yes, that is a small price to pay to keep your toddler happy/entertained. Deacon LOVES Mickey Christmas.