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I was tagged to do this Meme by Lisa, the cool One-Hip-Mom.

Here's what you do...

Grab the book nearest to you, find page 56. Go to the fifth line. Type it, and the few following. Of course, tell us the name and author of the book. Let us know if it's a good read, because we all need good reads!!

Here's mine:

"A fitting attendant for Mara. Noreis!" Raising her voice, she beckoned to a tailor. No adept, he hastened to obey. "Will you see to it? Something elegant, not this seasons's forsaken nonsense." "Of course." He bowed his head. Genuis rules in Eglantine House. If Favrielle was unfit to serve Naamah, she clearly reigned over the fitting room.

And that is from Kushiel's Chosen, the second in the Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. This series is one of my all time favorites. It is an addicting read about love, heroism, and beautifully fantasy. I'm not normally a scifi or fantasy reader, but these novels are amazing. I've recommended them before, but I do so again!

Tagging my fellow readers:


And anyone else who would like to play!


Lisa said...

Might have to check those out!!