Gift Wrapped

Sunday, December 21, 2008 Posted In Edit This 1 Comment »

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I spent several hours yesterday and a little time again today wrapping Christmas presents. I am about 95% finished with it all! I am quite pleased with myself. DH even helped wrap with me. He is sooo great at wrapping the big gifts, so I let him do all of those. He tells me not to tell anyone, though.

The only wrapping I have left to do is DH's gifts. I also need to put bows on all the packages, but I always wait until the last minute for that because I hate when they get smushed.

I'm pleased as punch to have so much done. And I think all of my shopping is done, too. With the exception of possible last minute gifts such as stocking stuffer ideas. Nothing I cannot live without, though.

Yay me!


Jackie said...

YAY! That is fantastic!