Merry Christmas to me...

Monday, December 22, 2008 Posted In Edit This 3 Comments »

My nephew volunteered to watch the wutz for me this morning so I could have some time to myself. He loves the wutz and absolutely enjoys spending time with him, so to say I was elated is a gross understatement.

I took the wutz over to him around 11am and my nephew was just rolling out of bed, so I hung out while he got showered and dressed, then I left the wutz with him. I went downtown and got a great cup of coffee and did a little bit of window shopping. The crowds were insane though, so I decided to escape them and go to Hell (Wal-Mart) because that's sooo much better. *rolls eyes*

Hell was busy, but it was tolerable. It was a successful mission. I shouldn't have bragged about having all my presents wrapped, though, because I bought a few more things for the wutz that I now have to wrap. I am happy since I was able to buy a few things I've heard him say that Santa is going to bring him. We can't have that fat man disappoint, now can we?

After my trip to Hell, I grabbed lunch then bought one movie ticket. I settled into the movie theater to see Four Christmases. There were only two other people in the theater. I proceeded to munch on my smuggled lunch while I enjoyed a pretty cute movie. Alone. It was bliss. The only thing that could have possibly made it better was if I were watching Twilight instead. But that movie was showing too late and I wanted to get the wutz home for a nap.

The entire day made for a great early Christmas present. I really had a great time just being my own company for once.


Laura said...

Sounds like perfection T! I am a little jealous, but also insanely happy for you (if that makes any sense).

Heidi said...

That sounds positively blissful! Glad you enjoyed!

Lisa said...

FUN!!!! I would LOVE some alone time like that! Can I bring my 4 to your house?