Got Juice?

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A couple of days ago after the wutz woke up from his nap, he meandered through the house and made a path toward his sippy cup that he'd had earlier that morning. He grabbed it up in his small hand and took a big sip, then he pulled it away from his mouth and held the cup up in protest. "Sippy cup bad!" he declared.

I looked at DH, who was preparing to leave and asked how old the sippy cup was. He informed me that it wasn't too old and it may need ice in it. So, DH filled said sippy cup with ice and handed it back to the wutz. DH then left the house.

A moment later the wutz took a more tentative sip of his juice. Again he raised the cup with a wiggle of his hand, "Apple juice bad, Mommy!"

Declaring defeat, I grabbed the sippy cup from his demanding little grasp and dumped the juice into the sink. I rinsed out the sippy cup then reached into the fridge to pour him a cup of fresh juice and offer it back to him.

He took the cup from me once more. Then he took yet another sip from it. For the third time, "Apple juice bad, Mommy!"

By then I was confused. This kid loves his juice. I yanked open the fridge and snatched up the bottle of apple juice. Only to find it wasn't apple juice. It was white grape juice, which looks exactly like apple juice.

I turned to the wutz and said, "Baby, that's not Apple Juice. That's Grape Juice."

His reply: "Ooooh. Okay. Grape juice." As he wandered into the playroom, happily sipping on his bad apple juice, but good grape juice.



Heather said...

ROFLMAO that is so cute! He is so funny!

Shannon said...

That is just beyond adorable! Kids are so smart!

Katie said...

That's adorable!!

Lynn said...

How adorable is that!

Amanda said...

HAHAHA!!! He is just way too cute