A little lunch gripe

Friday, February 27, 2009 Posted In , Edit This 4 Comments »

1. Why is it that the time it takes to get my food at lunch is in direct correlation to how late I am running?

2. A cheeseburger order that calls for only ketchup does not mean extra ketchup. Really. It doesn't.

3. If said cheeseburger order is not done so with such a request, is it really necessary to slop on six pounds of mayonnaise? Not only is it terrible for you, that much of anything is just gross.

4. Tomatoes should be red. Red, people. Not green (unless fried!) and definitely not white. Red.

5. Why is it called Fast Food? It definitely isn't fast and I'm quite certain it isn't really food, either. I mean, the only thing that can survive longer than a McDonald's cheeseburger is probably a cockroach. And even a roach wouldn't eat the Happy Meal to survive.


Heather said...

LOL this is why I don't do fast food very much. I am never happy w/it and always feel like crap after eating it.

Katie said...

Can I just say, I totally hear ya on the tomatos! What is with that?

Anonymous said...

hey, I left you something on my blog! Go check it out :)

Lisa said...

I am with you on the white tomatoes ... YUCK!