Hide and Seek

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This is so true. I am always looking for something I've put down and then cannot find. And if I'm not looking for something I've lost, I'm looking for something DH has misplaced. Typically I tell him exactly where it is with instructions that include coordinates of the location and I still have to get up and find said item.

I've been the Seeker in my house for eleven years, you'd think I'd be adjusted to it now. However, the job has gotten even more detailed. Now I have to seek out whatever item the wutz seems to have misplaced. It is always some tiny little toy that has dropped off the face of the earth or gone for a stroll in the hinterlands. And I, as the Seeker, am expected to find it. Immediately.


And I do. Usually.


Lisa said...

That is SO me!!!! LOL

Heather said...

um yeah,I do it all the time. I finally found my garbage bill today lmao. I put it down a week ago and couldn't remember what I did with it. Call it mommy brain or just plain ole forgetful....lol

Laura said...

Umm, yeah, I think that is me too. I think the titles "mommy" and "wife" also = seeker. :rolling eyes: