Happy New Year!

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2009 was an interesting year. It was full of ups and downs. With DH out of work for nearly nine months, it was a very scary time. However, we survived it and as of right now we are truly no worse for wear.

The wutz continues to grow like a weed and he's the brightest fella ever (gotta love a mother's perspective!) and he continues to be the light of my life.

Life is good going into 2010 and I hope it only improves.

My intent is to return to this blog once more and become more frequent in my posts. I would love to accomplish another round of 365, so we'll see!

Happy New Year!


Lisa said...

Well, I'm for one glad to know you'll be around more often!

Opinionated Gifts said...

IT will be great to have you back more often. Awesome.

Laura said...

I'm glad that 2009 ended on an up note for you. And it will be nice to see you around a bit more.