Helloooo Twentieth Century!

Friday, January 08, 2010 Posted In , , , Edit This 2 Comments »

Well, it only took a decade or so, but I have finally entered the 20th Century! (I know, I know, I'l start working on the 21st someday!)

Yesterday we finally got DSL installed at our home. This is huge. Up until this week, our only options were dial-up *gasp!* or satellite *cha-ching!* or cellphone tethering. I've been using my cell phone to tether to my laptop for quite awhile now. It has worked so much better than dial-up and the speeds were similar to DSL, but the consistancy sucked. I'd drop connection on a regular basis, which is simply maddening.

But now! Now we have wireless DSL. Suh-weet.

I'm a happy happy girl.

Yay me.


avionicsman said...

Welcome to the highspeed world of the internet!! Now they have a new technology called multicore computers....

Greekmom said...

You poor thing...living so long without DSL....kind of reminds me of life before Tivo...shudder