My new toy, revisited

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This is the laptop I got. It is the Asus G60Vx. It's a gaming computer and so far I love it. I'm not fond of Windows 7, but this computer simply screams. Technorgasms once more!


Ray said...

Technorgasms indeed! Looks like a great machine. If you don't mind me asking, were you using Vista before? My main computer is still an XP machine, though I have a test box for work that is running Win7. I've had little exposure to Vista, mostly just helping friends when Vista has had a hairy fit on them (which was way too frequent). I avoided Vista, but I gotta' say I'm fairly impressed with Win7. Pretty different from XP though. Takes some getting used to.

Congrats on the laptop! :)

T- said...


My last laptop was Vista and I didn't care for it, but I didn't hate it like some do. I didn't have any technical difficulties with it interfering with any proggies or anything.

Right now my biggest gripe with Windows 7 is the face that there's no gpedit and I really want to shut off the thumbnail preview windows that pop up down in the task bar. They annoy me. Other than that, I'm not ready to toss it out of the window yet.

Ray said...

No gpedit...? Oh, do you have the Home edition? It appears that the Home editions don't have the gpedit available. That truly sucks. From what I've seen of the group policy settings, you can control a whole lot of the Win7 behaviors. Since I'm testing it out on a work machine, I've got one of the other editions so I've not noticed gpedit missing. I hate it when MS cripples specific versions of their software.

Lisa said...


Opinionated Gifts said...

OOOO...great tips from Ray on how Win7 works. Coolness.

I'm hoping to get a new laptop in the spring.

That Asus looks sweet.

Ray said...

I've been drooling over new laptops myself, well, more specifically a couple of different tablet PCs that are available. Dell does one, Lenovo has a tablet ThinkPad, and HP just announced a new one a few weeks ago. The HP one likely has the price advantage, though being in Canada, I have trouble getting a reliable quote on most of these models. Oh well, to drool, perchance to dream... :)