New Toy

Sunday, January 24, 2010 Posted In , , Edit This 2 Comments »

I spent the day shopping for a new laptop. Mine has been overheating and I'm pretty sure it is the heat sink. It is out of warranty and I think I'd go into DTs if I had to send mine off and be without a computer! So I wandered for store to store until I settled on a new Asus laptop. I have always preferred Toshiba, but this last one is the third to have the heat sink go out in it. Time to try a new brand!

I spent more than I'd hoped, but so far I like this computer. The screen is bigger and I still haven't adjusted to the keypad on the side that causes the keyboard to be shifted to the left. That is strange. But the graphics on this computer are a-mazing. And it really sings.

I'll spend tomorrow transferring files and backing up, but so far, so good!

I love me some new tech stuff!


Lisa said...

Well, what kind did you get. I've always loved my DELLS!

Laura said...

Sounds fantastic! Hopefully you adjust soon and it is good to you for a long time.