Don't Blame Me!

Thursday, February 04, 2010 Posted In Edit This 3 Comments »

While at work today, my cell phone started ringing. I really should change my ringtone because hearing the lyrics "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like we do at the discovery channel!" is probably not work appropriate. But, as usual, I digress...

I answered the phone and it was the wutz's teacher. She was calling to inform that my darling angel had dropped trou, while playing on the playground, and urinated in the grass. It took me the beat of a few moments to realize she expected me to be ahgast. When, really, I was thinking, "Isn't that what little 3 year old boys do??" I was good, though, I didn't say that. I acted appropriately appalled and told her I was and that we would handle it. She said he was in time-out for punishment and she would talk to him as well.

Then she let it slip that another little boy did the very same thing yesterday. Well, okay, lady... why the hell do you think my child is suddenly urinating on the playground then? Because one of your OTHER students taught him that trick. So YOU deal with it instead of calling me at work and bothering me with what is a non-issue to me.

Again, I was good and didn't say that. I just promised we'd give him a good talking to.


What can I say? He's all boy. Deal with it.


Laura said...

rotflmao! I would have had the same reaction, T. Seriously, is this not what little boys do?

My husband is stunned that I will let Xander pee on the tree in the backyard. The kid thinks it is fun and it saves me a giant trip into the house and all the fuss that goes with it, so I just don't make a fuss when he does it. I figure that the bigger the fuss, the more he's going to do it. So I ignore it. It's unlikely he'll be doing that when he is outside when he is 18...well, unless he's drunk and doing silly things with his buddies. But those are things they will do anyway. :rolling eyes:

Some people are really uptight.

Darkwulfe said...

Hell....I am 33 and will still water a tre at a given is the priviledge we get for being able to urinate standing up! Why pee on the tree? Because it is there...and dammit for 45 seconds it is MINE!! bwahahahahahahah jk lol

Opinionated Gifts said...

Seriously what is wrong with wutz' teacher. Over-react much?